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Top 10 Unusual Valentine’s Day Gifts of 2017


They say laughter keeps relationships alive… we don’t know who said that or if it’s true, but it sure sounds believable. Instead of buying the traditional boring Valentine’s Day gifts, why not take a ride on the wild side and purchase something extraordinary. Risqué and hilarious gifts like a willy warmer, boob suckers and giant gummy heart are just some of the unique items that made GagGifts.com’s 1st annual list of the Top 10 Most Funny Valentine’s Day Gifts of 2017.


This year, the world’s largest prank superstore, GagGifts.com poured their silly little heart out to help all the romantics find the stupidest gag gifts with a touch of love.  Here are the Top 10 Funny Valentine’s Day Gifts of 2017 from GagGifts.com, listed in no particular order:


Weener Kleener Soap

A "hole" new dimension of fun in the shower! This stimulating soap ring makes a hilarious gag gift for a boyfriend or a buddy who just got dumped.


Inflatable Boob Ball

Inflate this boob and let the jiggling and bouncing begin.  Makes a great beach ball and "floating" device.


Gummy Heart

Who wants a heart of gold when this one is made of pure gummy! Great gift for anyone who would love to eat their heart out.


The Willy Warmer

Stay warm and avoid shrinkage with this heater for that peter.  Nicely knitted, completely cozy and remarkably warm.


Farting Moon Ring

Test a date’s sense of humor to see if they are worth putting a ring on it. This ring box looks like it contains a diamond ring, but instead holds a mooning butt that farts when opened!


Amazing Boob Suckers

Don’t have a Valentine’s date? Then suck on these boobs!  Unlike the real deal, these suckers are jammed with flavor and don’t end with a slap in the face.


Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitizer

There’s nothing wrong with taking precautions this month, especially during the “holding hands” part of the date. Keep this handy dandy sanitizer in hand and enjoy being wined and dined.


Blow Job Bib

When things get “dirty” grab a bib! Made for clean freaks that like to be freaks in the sheets.  It has neck tie-straps that will keep the bib in place during the rough times!


XL Heart Emoji Wine Glass

Lack confidence when it comes to dating? Grab this glass and get liquid courage! This glass holds an entire wine bottle and features a heart emoji, because even the glass is in love with itself.


Sexual Position Dice

Kiss bedroom boredom goodbye!  These dice include six different positions in 6 different locations, so the possibilities are endless.



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