Happy Effing Bithday Gift Wrap

Happy Effing Bithday Gift Wrap
Happy Effing Bithday Gift Wrap
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How do you say "Happy Birthday!" and really mean it, nowadays? Well, it involves one or more expletives so do it the next best way. With a giant "Effing!" Effing goes better with everything especially Birthdays. You'll Effing love this Gift Wrap because it will make everyone laugh the drunker, more partied-out people will scream louder and more inappropriate things. Thus they will cyclone out of control knocking things over, perhaps injuring themselves or a dinner table. All in all, you will have a better youtube video to upload. Okay, we don't condone behavior that takes advantage or extorts your friends' bad decisions but we do love funny videos!
Feature: - 2 Sheets of 20" x 30" Gift Wrap per package.
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