The Butt Towel, Dark

The Butt Towel, Dark
The Butt Towel, Dark
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We all know the feeling. When you get out of the shower or bath and wrap that warm, Towel around your waist. You go about a few motions in the privacy of your home until the doorbell rings or the dog poops on the floor. Suddenly your answering doors and scooping dog doo. Naturally, that Towel gets a bit disheveled and you end up with your behind on the front line. Instead of letting that tricky Towel get the best of you, wear this pre-disheveled Towel with an exposed Butt already printed. All your problems are solved, until the dog rips your Towel off.
Feature: - 58" x 26". 100% cotton velour 300gsm. Extra plush and absorbent.
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