Vinderpants - Underwear for your Wine

Vinderpants - Underwear for your Wine
Vinderpants - Underwear for your Wine
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Nothing's more romantic than a candlelit dinner. That is, until a naked bottle of wine sprays your party with impromptu droplets and stings your hand upon bare, chilled glass. Slip your wine into this Underwear and let it keep cool, soft to the touch and decent upon your eyes. This perfectly sized Underwear will catch unnecessary spills and let you handle it comfortably. You can change the wine's Underwear when soiled and provide it with a fresh, pair. This Underwear is washable but don't mix it up with your own or you're going to have a really, really, bad day. Your wine however will love this undergarment and so will your date. I mean you could even throw an Underwear party and let your wine be the host... it could be tons of fun or a messy trip through the wrong vineyard.
Feature: - 95% cotton, 5% spandex Underwear fits most wine and champagne bottles.
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